About Us

We aim at HSMC to provide the best possible quality health care. 

We have a special focus on illness prevention and risk reduction in relation to chronic disease. 

We strive to care for our patients and our staff in a kind and caring way in all aspects of our practice.

About Harding Street Medical Centre

A history of service and care

Established in 1979 we have built a reputation as being a provider of excellent service within a caring environment. 

Our staff are committed to the delivery of services beyond the expectations of our patients 

and we constantly strive to improve. 

Doctors and support staff attend educational seminars and information activities to ensure 

our high standard of service delivery.

We have the highest level of accreditation for quality general practice by QPA. 

Our practice participates in training medical doctors from the MCCC GP Training program.


Several of the doctors have completed the rigorous training and registration required to provide 

Antenatal Shared Care for pregnancy.

Our Philosophy

Partners in Health.

Take Control of Your Health.

As part of our focus on illness prevention we have dedicated highly skilled nurses who will help you improve your knowledge and understanding of the risk factors that may contribute to your developing a chronic medical condition. 

Our nurses specialise in both the prevention of, and the management, of chronic disease.

We encourage our patients to take advantage of the health assessments we provide for various age groups. 

Our nurses and GPs work collabaratively as your Partners in Health to develop a individualised management plan designed to help you take control of your health. The assessments assist with ongoing care and provide a holistic approach for your health.

A management care plan for chronic disease may also enable you to access Enhanced Primary Care medicare rebates for Allied Health Services.

“Prevention is better than cure”

Our Harding Street Medical Centre philosophy is to help you take control of your health by focusing on preventing illness and also help you to make life style changes that will help lessen the impact of conditions that you may already have.


Over recent years medical research has discovered new approaches and life-style strategies to lower the risk of heart attack, cancers, diabetes, strokes, arthritis and other chronic diseases, 

Nurse-led Clinics

Our highly qualified, caring nurses have the expertise to assist you and your team of health practitioners to manage chronic conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease, osteoarthritis, auto-immune diseases among others. Ask your doctor if you qualify for a chronic care plan and EPC to save you time and money.


Services offered at our Nurse-Led Clinics.

  • 40-49 Year Old Health Check
  • Chronic Disease Management and Team care arrangements including medicare subsidised EPC referrals for allied health
  • Preventative Health Check
  • Over75 Home Health Assessment
  • Mens health clinic
  • Wound management
  • 24 hr BP and ECG ( holter ) monitoring

More about our Services

  • Daffodil Day
  • Dementia Australia

  • Red Nose Day
  • Jeans for Genes

  • The Biggest Morning Tea
  • Relay for Life

In The Community

As part of our commitment to healthy living and preventative health Harding Street Medical Centre is proud to support:

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