All new patients are booked in for a 

long consultation for thier 'first' appointment. 

The fee for a long consultation is $120.00.

Harding Street Medical Centre is a private billing clinic, all patients will incur a charge to see a doctor. Refer to our fees for consultations in the table below.  HCC/Concessions are only available weekdays 8am to 5pm. 

Procedural and Private Vaccination Fees are listed below. *Fees are reviewed yearly. 


Consultation Fees

Consultation Fees 




$50 out of pocket

$50 out of pocket

Weekends/Public Holidays

Cancelled under 2 hours

Missed Appointment/



Rebate - current




Full Fee


Rebate - current




Full Fee


Rebate - current




Prolonged consult

Long consult/New Patients

Full Fee

Standard consult

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After 5 pm weekdays - there are no discount rates

Saturday & Sunday are $50 out of pocket - there are no concession rates
Public Holidays are $50 out of pocket -t
here are no concession rates


You will be advised of any additional items that incur an fee in addition to you consultation fees e.g.dressings, travel vaccinations, implanon and other procedures. Please refer to list below.


All fees can be discussed confidentially with your doctor and allowances can be made for your individual circumstances.

It is our policy that the full fee is paid at the time of consultation. We can assist you to have the Medicare rebate credited to you savings account at the time of payment.


When the consultation takes either less time or more time than booked, an appropriate fee will be charged.


Patients holding full pensioner card or heathcare card entitlements are offered concession rates between 8am and 5pm weekdays. When you pay the full amount at the time of consultation the discount will entail $20, out of pocket, after the medicare rebate. There are no concessions after 5pm on weekdays or on weekends.

These consultations are billed at the rate determined by the TAC for traffic accident injuries and illnesses. 


HSMC directly bills the TAC only if the TAC has accepted full liability, if you provide us with your TAC claim number and if all excess payments have been met by you. 

WorkCover Consultations

These consultations are billed at the rate determined by the Victorian WorkCover Authority for work related injuries and illnesses.


All consultations require full payment on the day by the patient. 


HSMC directly bills the Victorian WorkCover Authority only if the Victorian WorkCover Authority has accepted liability and if you provide us with your Workcover claim number. 

Transport Accident Commission (TAC) consultations

HSMC directly bills the DVA for veterans with gold cards, and for veterans with white cards for accepted illnesses. 

There is no out of pocket cost.

Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) cardholders

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Our Practice Manager will address any concerns.

Or you may contact the 

Office of the Health Services Commissioner


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